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A luggage company with more than 100 years of service, Samsonite has been a leader in sales and customer satisfaction. They are the leading seller of luggage, travel bags, and other travel accessories, all made with the quality and durability customers have come to expect from the name Samsonite. We carry several of their collections, from their Firelite style to the Mightlite collection. We offer both soft and hard case Samsonite luggage to meet all of your travel needs. We also carry several varieties of this durable brand’s business cases, attaches, and leather briefcases to help you stay organized on the go while looking your best. 


Samsonite Focus III 6" Attache
Our Price: $240.00 Sale Price:$119.99
Samsonite Leather Attache
Our Price: $200.00 Sale Price:$99.99
Samsonite Leather Checkpoint Friendly Brief
Our Price: $300.00 Sale Price:$149.99
Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase
Our Price: $300.00 Sale Price:$149.99
Samsonite Leather Flapover Briefcase
Our Price: $280.00 Sale Price:$139.99
Samsonite SideLoader Mobile Office
Our Price: $220.00 Sale Price:$109.99
Samsonite Spinner Mobile Office
Our Price: $280.00 Sale Price:$139.99
Samsonite Wheeled Laptop Backpack - 17"
Our Price: $160.00 Sale Price:$79.99
Samsonite Wheeled Laptop Backpack - 21"
Our Price: $180.00 Sale Price:$89.99
Samsonite Andante Drop Bottom 28" Wheeled Duffel
Our Price: $140.00 Sale Price:$69.99
Samsonite Casual Wheeled Business Case
Our Price: $220.00 Sale Price:$119.99
Samsonite Centric 20" Carry On Upright Spinner
Our Price: $260.00 Sale Price:$129.95
Samsonite Centric 24" Upright Spinner
Our Price: $320.00 Sale Price:$159.99
Samsonite Centric 28" Upright Spinner
Our Price: $360.00 Sale Price:$179.99
Samsonite Centric 3 Piece Set
Our Price: $940.00 Sale Price:$439.95
Samsonite Cityscapes 20" Spinnerfeatured
Our Price: $320.00 Sale Price:$159.99
Samsonite Cityscapes 24" Spinner
Our Price: $400.00 Sale Price:$199.99
Samsonite Cityscapes 28" Spinner Expandable
Our Price: $420.00 Sale Price:$209.99
Samsonite Cityscapes 3 Piece Spinner Set
Our Price: $1,120.00 Sale Price:$559.97
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