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For over 30 years, Eagle Creek luggage has taken all that Mother Earth can give and given it right back. Eagle Creek specializes in bags for the adventurous traveler, including durable duffels, comfortable backpacks, organized totes and products that you need before you even know you need them. Every single piece of Eagle Creek luggage has a lifetime guarantee. A lifetime, we assume, that’s spent in the hands of a curious and adventurous soul. Our Eagle Creek Exploration Systems, Deviate Collection backpacks, and HC2 Hovercraft duffel bags are just some of the many reasons we are one of the best places to buy luggage. All of our Eagle Creek bags come with free shipping for your journey of a lifetime.

Eagle Creek Afar Backpack
Our Price: $119.00
Eagle Creek Convertabrief
Our Price: $199.00
Eagle Creek Gear Hauler
Our Price: $169.00
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior™ 29
Our Price: $289.00
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior™ 32
Our Price: $299.00
Eagle Creek Load Warrior™ 26
Our Price: $259.00
Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30
Our Price: $369.00
Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 36
Our Price: $419.00
Eagle Creek Tarmac 26
Our Price: $339.00
Eagle Creek Tarmac 29
Our Price: $369.00
Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 26
Our Price: $399.00
Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 30
Our Price: $479.00
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