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Have you ever wished you could just get honest, unbiased feedback about a product that you are considering?  Well, we heard you!

We are proud to offer you reviews of the products that we sell to help you shop and make your decisions about what to buy more confidently.  Now you can look to other people who have bought and used our products to help you make your purchasing decisions, make them more confidently, and help ensure that you find the right product for your needs.

Our reviews will give you all the details that the reviewer provided about the product, but they also go a step further and give you information on the group that the reviewer placed themselves in. This way you can even scan our reviews for people who are like you – similar product usage, similar situation, similar level of expertise – whatever might be unique or important for each type of product.

As you read reviews, you will notice that they aren’t all “perfect” reviews. We want you to see all of the feedback offered from our customers so that you can trust in our site, and trust in the products that you purchase from us. We invite you to read our product reviews to help with your purchasing decision, and we invite you to submit your own reviews so that future shoppers can benefit from the honest feedback that you provided. Have some fun with it – our reviews allow you to upload your own images and videos related to the product, and we’ll post those, too.

Where do I find the reviews?

When you are looking at a product in our site, you will see review stars which give the average number of stars from all of our customers who have submitted reviews on that particular product. To get the full details, you can click to Read Reviews on that product.

How do I know if the reviews are really from people who have purchased the product?

Our reviews will tell who submitted them by badges found in the reviews themselves. You will see if they are from a Verified Buyer (someone who purchased the product, then validated their purchase when they submitted a review) or Verified Reviewer (usually someone who purchased a product and gave it as a gift). If the reviewer did not confirm back their review submission, then you will see no badge on that review.

How can I submit a review?

Submitting a review is simple, simply go to the page of the product you would like to review, and click on the Write a Review link. You will land on a page that will prompt you for feedback with questions that are relevant to that specific product and/or you can fill in your own comments as well. Or after you make a purchase from our site, we will also send you an email invitation to write a review of the product(s) that you purchased, which will link to the correct review form for you.

When might I see the review that I send in?

It usually takes about 10 business days for reviews to appear on our site.
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