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The Antler Luggage Tradition of Quality

For over 90 years, Antler Luggage has maintained a  tradition of producing quality, innovative luggage designed for lightness and strength without compromising utility.

Antler founder, J. Boultbee Brooks, began as a leather trader in the 1870s, moving his goods using the traditional transport of the day, a horse and cart. The passing of his horse inspired Brooks to let his eye for innovation lead him to becoming an early adopter of the new ‘safety bicycle’. However, he found that the poor roadways of the day combined with the bicycles hard seats made the ride unbearable. To solve this, Brooks invented a new type of saddle. The "Brook’s saddle" quickly became popular worldwide.

In 1920, his son entered the luggage market with leather wardrobe trunks for ocean liners and unique ‘motor trunks’ to attach to cars. The stag’s head and antler became the brand symbol for the luggage line, thanks to his strong interest in wildlife. During the second world war, Antler shifted its focus to producing military equipment in an effort to help the cause. When it was over, the company returned to the luggage business, with further innovation in soft-sided luggage with rich, quality linings.

Air travel and tourism boomed in the 1950's. During this time, Antler saw further opportunities to develop luggage that catered to a new and ever-expanding market while continuing to innovate the industry. In 1962, Antler moved from the UK Midlands to its current location in Northern Manchester, with additional manufacturing sites built around the country to meet the growing demand for top-quality luggage.

Towards the end of the 20th Century, Antler entered the hard luggage and suitcase market and introduced even more quality leather goods. The company played a key part in the rollercase revolution, a technical innovation that changed the way luggage was shaped forever. Today, Antler continues to innovate, building upon a heritage that embraces and pioneers new developments in the luggage industry, making Antler the brand of choice for quality, strength and technical innovation.

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