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For over 90 years, U.S. LUGGAGE has developed and marketed innovative, high-quality products that respond to the changing needs of the consumer.

Originally known as United States Trunk Co., the company established a solid reputation in its early years as a high-quality manufacturer of steamer trunks, as well as a supplier to the United States Army. In the 1950's, when the nation's increased prosperity spawned a new generation of middle class travelers, the second generation of founders redirected the family business toward hand-carried luggage, and changed the name of the company to United States Luggage.
No surprise that it was U.S. LUGGAGE that literally revolutionized the luggage industry when, in 1972, it introduced the very first wheeled luggage. Not resting on its luggage laurels, U.S. LUGGAGE also developed into one of the largest leather business case companies in America, known for quality, excellent value, patented design features, and trend-setting approaches to product marketing.

In the mid 90's, U.S. LUGGAGE again transformed the business case industry, this time with the introduction of rolling business and computer cases. This concept naturally became a major influence on future industry designs showing once again how U.S. LUGGAGE responded to the evolving needs of their customers.

Ballistic Nylon Computer Portfolio
Our Price:  $135.00 Sale Price: $79.95
Ballistic Nylon Rolling Computer Case
Our Price:  $120.00 Sale Price: $89.95
Ballistic Rolling Computer Catalog Case
Our Price:  $170.00 Sale Price: $109.95
Full Grain Leather Rolling Computer Briefcase
Our Price:  $200.00 Sale Price: $139.95
Top Grain Leather Rolling Computer Case
Our Price:  $180.00 Sale Price: $109.95
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