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Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage

Ricardo luggage offers the finest luggage for the frequent airline traveler. At you will find a complete line of Ricardo luggage for any type of travel. The quality of Ricardo luggage can be found in features like the pull up handles and 2 rolling wheels on the bottom—making this the best engineered luggage in the industry. Spacious hang suits space inside marks the wheelers. The Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage company offers great options, these pieces are made of the durable material with excellent styling.

The developers at Ricardo continue to develop the ultimate in luggage. Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage demands luggage with unsurpassed quality that can meet the demands of the avid traveler. The leadership role is embedded in every piece of luggage. They combine their years of providing superior luggage products with the quality and strength that characterize every aspect of the luggage.

Since its inception in 1968, Ricardo has designed and marketed high quality, moderately priced luggage with innovative features and a fashionable, stylish look.

This is evident in the attention to detail throughout every piece of luggage. The fabric is tightly woven and of the highest quality. The color is carefully developed and chosen. Every line on the face of the case is sculpted to create a positive visual effect. All exterior components - hardware, zipper pullers, carry handles, retractable handle/wheel systems, corner protectors - are designed exclusively for each product line.

Montecito Lite 16'' Boarding Bag
Our Price:  $80.00 Sale Price: $35.99
Montecito Lite 16'' Spinner Carry On
Our Price:  $180.00 Sale Price: $80.99
Montecito Lite 20'' Expandable Carry On Spinner
Our Price:  $200.00 Sale Price: $89.99
Montecito Lite 24'' Expandable Spinner
Our Price:  $260.00 Sale Price: $116.99
Montecito Lite 28'' Expandable Spinner
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $134.99
Ricardo Bel Air 16" Rolling Business Brief
Our Price:  $340.00 Sale Price: $214.95
Ricardo Crystal City 17" Universal Carry-on
Our Price:  $260.00 Sale Price: $116.99
Ricardo Crystal City 20" Expandable Spinner Carry-on
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $134.99
Ricardo Crystal City 24" Expandable Spinner Upright
Our Price:  $360.00 Sale Price: $161.99
Ricardo Crystal City 28" Expandable Spinner Upright
Our Price:  $400.00 Sale Price: $179.99
Ricardo Rodeo Drive 21" Carry-on Expandable Spinner
Our Price:  $360.00 Sale Price: $179.99
Ricardo Rodeo Drive 21" Hybrid Carry-On Spinner
Our Price:  $400.00 Sale Price: $199.99
Ricardo Rodeo Drive 25" Expandable Spinner
Our Price:  $420.00 Sale Price: $209.99
Ricardo Rodeo Drive 29" Expandable Spinner
Our Price:  $480.00 Sale Price: $239.99
Ricardo Roxbury 2.0 19" Wheeled Mobile Hybrid Office
Our Price:  $340.00 Sale Price: $169.99
Ricardo Roxbury 2.0 25" Spinner
Our Price:  $360.00 Sale Price: $179.99
Ricardo Roxbury 2.0 29" Spinner
Our Price:  $400.00 Sale Price: $199.99
Ricardo Roxbury 2.0 Carry-On Spinner
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $149.99
Ricardo Sunset Boulevard 24" Spinner Expandable Upright
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $134.99
Ricardo Valencia Lite 25" Two Compartment
Our Price:  $240.00 Sale Price: $119.99
Ricardo Valencia Lite 28" Two Compartment
Our Price:  $260.00 Sale Price: $129.99
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