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McKlein Leather Cases

McKlein has something for every business traveler. Smart design and gorgeous leather make a great impression, and McKlein business cases have both. Each collection is geared toward a certain type of business traveler ranging from men and women, old school to contemporary, casual to first-class. If you’re looking for style without sacrificing function, try a McKlein leather case.

P Series Clinton-Leather
Our Price:  $330.00 Sale Price: $165.00
R Series Walton-Nylon
Our Price:  $277.50 Sale Price: $124.99
P Series Hubbard-Leather
Our Price:  $225.00 Sale Price: $99.95
P Series Franklin-Leather
Our Price:  $330.00 Sale Price: $135.99
R Series Damen - Nylon
Our Price:  $405.00 Sale Price: $174.99
P Series Elston-Leather
Our Price:  $225.00 Sale Price: $95.99
R Series Roosevelt-Nylon
Our Price:  $345.00 Sale Price: $180.99
R Series Springfield-Nylon
Our Price:  $270.00 Sale Price: $124.99
R Series Rockford-Nylon
Our Price:  $277.50 Sale Price: $125.99
R Series Pearson-Nylon
Our Price:  $262.50 Sale Price: $124.99
R Series Chicago-Nylon
Our Price:  $465.00 Sale Price: $199.99
R Series Midway-Nylon
Our Price:  $427.50 Sale Price: $174.99
R Series Ohare-Nylon
Our Price:  $390.00 Sale Price: $175.99
R Series Ohare-Leather
Our Price:  $427.50 Sale Price: $190.99
R Series Lasalle-Leather
Our Price:  $450.00 Sale Price: $199.99
I Series Bucktown
Our Price:  $322.50 Sale Price: $149.99
I Series Gold Coast
Our Price:  $472.50 Sale Price: $209.99
I Series Lincoln Park
Our Price:  $397.50 Sale Price: $179.99
I series River North
Our Price:  $345.00 Sale Price: $189.95
I Series West Loop
Our Price:  $367.50 Sale Price: $154.99
McKlein USA Fulton 15.4" Laptop Backpack
Our Price:  $180.00 Sale Price: $78.99
P Series Clinton-Nylon
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $134.99
P Series Elston-Nylon
Our Price:  $195.00 Sale Price: $84.99
P Series Franklin-Nylon
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $134.99
P Series Hubbard-Nylon
Our Price:  $195.00 Sale Price: $89.99
R Series Chicago-Leather
Our Price:  $465.00 Sale Price: $255.00
R Series Damen-Leather
Our Price:  $405.00 Sale Price: $204.99
R Series Roosevelt - Leather
Our Price:  $435.00 Sale Price: $240.00
R Series Sheridan-Leather
Our Price:  $480.00 Sale Price: $240.00
R Series Springfield-Leather
Our Price:  $270.00 Sale Price: $144.00
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