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For over 20 years, Latico Leathers has pursued a simple and straightforward approach to their business: they offer a line of reasonably priced top grain Latico leather products which include Latico bags, Latico satchels and accessories that combine innovative design, top-quality hardware, closures, linings, and superior workmanship. We have earned a reputation for designing, developing, and manufacturing leather goods that are creative and classic, stylish and casual, elegant and affordable. Latico leather products appeal to men and women of all ages for both business and leisure pursuits.

Luggage Source features Latico handbags, Backpacks, Latico satchels, Duffels, Shoulder Bags, Totes, Handbags, and Business & Personal Accessories. Most designs are available in Black, Natural (tan), and Café (mahogany/brown).

Latico Basics Hide-Away Travel Kit
Our Price: $90.00 Sale Price:$69.95
Latico Basics Laptop Backpack
Our Price: $260.00 Sale Price:$129.95
Latico Basics Let's Go Travel Kit
Our Price: $110.00 Sale Price:$79.95
Latico Basics North/South Laptop Shoulder Bag/Brief
Our Price: $250.00 Sale Price:$169.95
Latico Basics On-The-Go Backpack/Shoulder Bag
Our Price: $170.00 Sale Price:$129.95
Leather Duffle Bag
Our Price: $340.00 Sale Price:$149.95
Latico Basics Travel Kit
Our Price: $29.95
Latico Leather Carriage Bag
Our Price: $249.00 Sale Price:$169.95
Latico Basics Apollo Backpack - Medium
Our Price: $220.00 Sale Price:$109.95
Latico Basics Doubletake Square Tote
Our Price: $90.00 Sale Price:$69.95
Latico Leather Cabin Duffel
Our Price: $259.00 Sale Price:$179.95
Latico Basics Apollo Backpack - Large
Our Price: $250.00 Sale Price:$119.95
Latico Leather Tour Bag (Large)
Our Price: $269.00 Sale Price:$189.95
Latico Basics Large Laptop Messenger
Our Price: $189.00 Sale Price:$99.95
Latico Basics Top Gun Backpack
Our Price: $250.00 Sale Price:$104.99
Latico Leather Convention Duffel
Our Price: $249.00 Sale Price:$139.95
Latico Basics Gypsy Backpack
Our Price: $300.00 Sale Price:$149.95
Latico Basics Organizer Messenger
Our Price: $189.00 Sale Price:$94.95
Latico Leather Mardi Gras Duffel
Our Price: $239.00 Sale Price:$129.95
Latico Leather Deluxe Travel Bag
Our Price: $279.00 Sale Price:$189.95
Leather Laptop Backpack
Our Price: $260.00 Sale Price:$104.95
Latico Bettina Accordion Organizer
Our Price: $110.00 Sale Price:$59.95
Latico Basics Challenger Brief
Our Price: $240.00 Sale Price:$149.95
Latico Adventurer Messenger Bag
Our Price: $189.00 Sale Price:$119.95
Latico Chairman Laptop Brief
Our Price: $215.00 Sale Price:$129.95
Latico Grammercy Park Laptop Brief
Our Price: $249.00 Sale Price:$159.95
Latico Hi-Performance Laptop Brief
Our Price: $249.00 Sale Price:$149.95
Latico Leather Hollywood Laptop Shoulder Bag/Brief
Our Price: $249.00 Sale Price:$149.95
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