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Do I Have to Remove My Shoes at the Airport Security?

In recent years security at our airports have changed several times. You now are required to remove all types of footwear. It used to be that only if you had boots or thick soled shoes then you had to take them off.

Many types of footwear can be used to carry prohibited items so it’s just easier these days to have everyone take their shoes off. Due to Homeland Security threat levels being raised for the aviation sector, it’s critical to protect those who travel by air. All types of footwear must be placed on the X-ray machine to be screened. If you refuse to remove them then you will not be able to board your flight.

It is easier to wear footwear that you can slip on and off until you get to your destination.
Posted: March 31, 2012 at 11:40 AM | with 0 comments | Tagged as: Airline Regulation
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