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Garment Bags

Make Traveling Easier with a Rolling Garment Bag

Want an easier time getting to and from the airport? With a wheeled garment bag from Luggage Source, you can avoid all the hassles. Lighten your load with a rolling garment bag. Each garment bag with wheels is made to carry whatever load you throw at it. We have the wheeled garment bag you need to make your trip easier.

We also carry other items like a leather garment bag if you want to travel in style and mobility. Each garment bag is made from durable, high-quality materials that are made to last—even the luggage wheels are made to hold up. You know you want to pack heavy, but carrying your heavy duffel bag is another story. Your new leather garment bag has the capacity to hold all of your belongings without breaking your back. And you can get the best deals on your garment bag with wheels and garment bag purchase.

Shop Luggage Source now and get rolling tomorrow!

Travelpro Platinum Magna 22" Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag
Brand: Travelpro
Our Price:  $700.00 Sale Price: $297.49
Delsey Helium Breeze 4.0 Spinner Trolley Garment Bag
Our Price:  $440.00 Sale Price: $175.99
Book Opening Garment Bag
Our Price:  $180.00 Sale Price: $99.95
David King 42" Deluxe Garment Bag
Our Price:  $400.00 Sale Price: $299.95
David King 42" Garment Bag
Our Price:  $260.00 Sale Price: $199.95
David King 52" Deluxe Garment Bag
Our Price:  $360.00 Sale Price: $279.95
Expandable Trolley Garment Bag
Our Price:  $300.00 Sale Price: $149.95
Nevada Collection 49" Garment Cover
Our Price:  $295.00 Sale Price: $198.00
Rolling Garment Bag
Brand: Travelpro
Our Price:  $340.00 Sale Price: $152.95
Swiss Army Werks 4.0 Deluxe Garment Sleeve
Our Price:  $250.00 Sale Price: $112.49
Swiss Werks 4.0 East/West Garment Bag
Our Price:  $670.00 Sale Price: $299.99
Trifold Soft Garment Bag
Our Price:  $250.00 Sale Price: $250.00
Wheeled Garment Bag
Our Price:  $375.00 Sale Price: $375.00
Delsey Helium 45" Deluxe Garment Bag
Our Price:  $200.00 Sale Price: $99.95
Delsey Helium Hyperlite Trolley Spinner Garment Bag
Our Price:  $400.00 Sale Price: $169.99
Delsey Helium Sky Garment Bag
Our Price:  $200.00 Sale Price: $84.99
Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Garment Bag
Our Price:  $320.00 Sale Price: $135.99
Delsey Helium X'pert Lite 2.0 Spinner Trolley Garment Bag
Our Price:  $540.00 Sale Price: $229.49
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