Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags
If you want one bag to carry it all, a duffle bag might just be what you need. A wide range of sizes makes them suitable for all types of travel. Whether you’re traveling a long distance, or just heading to the gym, duffle bags are built to serve your needs. They are light, versatile, and just might become your best friend on the road.

Alvar Shoulder / Cross Body Bag
Brand: Kipling
Our Price:  $68.00
Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 22
Our Price:  $265.00
Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 25
Our Price:  $285.00
Eagle Creek Traverse Pro 25
Our Price:  $330.00
Delsey Helium Breeze 4.0 30" Trolley Duffel
Our Price:  $320.00 Sale Price: $135.99
Hartmann 21" Duffel
Our Price:  $320.00 Sale Price: $189.99
Hartmann 26" Mobile Duffel
Our Price:  $500.00 Sale Price: $299.99
Kenneth Cole Wheeled Overnighter
Our Price:  $200.00 Sale Price: $89.95
Hartmann Tweed COSMETIC TOTE
Our Price:  $375.00 Sale Price: $275.00
Hartmann Zip Top Tote
Our Price:  $210.00 Sale Price: $124.99
Hartmann Tweed SPORT SATCHEL
Our Price:  $400.00
Our Price:  $240.00 Sale Price: $180.00
30" Wheeled Duffle
Our Price:  $225.00
Alvar Shoulder / Cross Body Bag
Brand: Kipling
Our Price:  $68.00
Brand: Kipling
Our Price:  $69.00
Base Camp Duffel - Extra Large
Our Price:  $135.00
Base Camp Duffel - Large
Our Price:  $120.00
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